Data Scientist

Job Details:

  • Full-Time

GreenFi is an ESG AI platform.

We work with industry leading banks and brands, to identify sustainability advantages to future-proof their strategy and execution. We do this by making sense of the world’s ESG data through our unique synthesis of deep human understanding and robust data science.

We are looking for a Data Scientist to join our dynamic and diverse team who are culturally curious and passionate about data storytelling.

Our team is nimble, diverse, and adaptable. Together we represent a variety of experiences – from computer science, digital anthropology, engineering, and law.

As a Data Scientist at GreenFi you’ll develop models and analytical frameworks designed for the sharpest insights and professionals in the world, helping them priorities the ESG issues that matter most to their business and spot where the next big opportunities and change will come from.

We aggregate information from open data sources and third party data. You’ll become an expert in layering data to build a complete picture of sustainability performance using search, social & alternative data sources. Projects run end-to-end: from dataset design, to data gathering, aggregation, cleaning, modelling and visualization.

Ours is a spirit of continuous experimentation. You’ll collaborate with experienced data scientists and present to clients alongside cultural strategists, so you’ll see first-hand the impact your work has.

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We will have a great working relationship if you…

  • Have 1-3 years experience working with data, and coding experience in R/Python (including relevant internship experiences)
  • Are comfortable with open ended challenges and finding creative solutions
  • Are interested in ESG, cultural shifts and the digital landscape
  • Have the drive to learn and master new technologies and techniques
  • Have strong written and communication skills (English), especially in the multidisciplinary team


  • You have a solid understanding of statistical analysis and hands-on experience with one or more of the following programming languages: Python, R or Java.
  • You have experience in building data visualisations using off the shelf software or packages with R, Python, Gephi, Qlik, Tableau, Power BI, Looker etc. Familiarity with quick prototyping techniques for data viz work is an advantage.
  • You are comfortable working with large, complex, unstructured datasets, with a focus on text and image-processing. Natural language processing skills, including topic modelling and semantic parsing, especially for multi languages and short texts, will be an advantage.
  • You’re able to communicate your analysis in simple, non-technical terms and relish the prospect of working alongside a team of strategy consultants to move from analysis to implication for business.
  • You enjoy iteratively developing your ideas, drawing on the value of the diverse experience and perspectives of those around you.
  •  You recognise the value of having an array of approaches at your disposal rather than focusing solely on one methodology or model.

About Working at GreenFi

We are a diverse team, we value creativity and collaboration. To help create this we offer flexible working and a supportive environment. This includes the following benefits:

  • Profit share equity bonus scheme—so everyone is collectively rewarded for business success.
  • Flexible working arrangement remotely or hybrid