Former MAS Chief Drives ESG Impact with Investing in ESG AI Startup

In a significant move that underlines the growing importance of the use of AI systems towards sustainability in the business world, former Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Dr. Darian McBain, has made a strategic investment in an ESG AI start-up. The start-up, GreenFi, is an AI and data-driven ESG Due Diligence and Risk Assessment platform.

Dr. Darian McBain’s commitment to advancing sustainability & ESG principles has been a trademark of her career, and her latest venture amplifies her dedication to creating positive change on a global scale.

A Global Expert in Sustainability
Dr. Darian McBain, a globally recognized expert, speaker, and author, is a specialist in sustainability, ESG and supply chains. Her extensive experience and expertise in these areas have earned her prestigious accolades, she’s a UN SDG Pioneer for a Sustainable Ocean Economy in 2021. She has also secured a spot on on Fast Company’s list of Most Creative People in Business in 2020. One of the standout accomplishments in Dr. Darian McBain’s career is her ground-breaking experience as the inaugural CSO for the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the first CSO for a central bank globally. She also champions digital innovation in ESG AI.

As the CEO and Founder of Outsourced Chief Sustainability Officer Asia (OCSO Asia), Dr. Darian McBain has been at the forefront of driving sustainability initiatives in Asia and beyond. Prior to her role in MAS, she served as the Global Director of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability for Thai Union, a multi-billion dollar FMCG company with global operations headquartered in Asia. At Thai Union, she crafted an award-winning sustainability strategy that consistently ranked first in the food category of both the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the Seafood Stewardship Index for multiple years.

A Multifaceted Career
With a diverse background, Dr. Darian McBain is an experienced communications professional, specializing in staff and change engagement, corporate storytelling, brand profile, and reputation management. She is a prolific author with a range of published works, including books, academic articles, and blogs, featured in both traditional and social media. Dr. Darian McBain is also a regular speaker and commentator at conferences, on television, and in webinars. She actively participates in several not-for-profit boards and is passionate about innovation and technology, currently involved in projects exploring digital traceability, blockchain, and virtual reality.

Dr. Darian McBain’s investment in an ESG AI startup is yet another demonstration of her unwavering dedication to sustainability and her vision of leveraging innovative technology to drive meaningful change. Her track record and commitment make her a prominent figure in the quest to shape a more sustainable and responsible future for business and the environment, by also harnessing the power of AI systems.

About GreenFi

GreenFi is an ESG AI Fintech that provides a SaaS-based ESG risk software and predictive analytics platform. The no-code software helps financial institutions and corporations identify, aggregate and analyse ESG data and mitigate ESG risks. Our platform uses explainable AI to ingest any type of siloed unstructured data, including ESG reports, carbon emissions, bio diversity, news & incidents, regulatory data, climate risk, ESG policies and many more. This data is then used to train pre-built machine learning models that can generate insights and recommendations to help users make faster and more informed ESG investment decisions.

GreenFi’s plug-and-play platform enhances efficiency and cost savings by eliminating manual processes, enabling swift decision-making, and ensuring sustainable growth. GreenFi offers a seamless transition towards streamlined operations, saving both time and costs for institutions in performing ESG due diligence and risk assessments.

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