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AI Enabled ESG Due-Diligence Software For Sustainable Financing and Supply Chain

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ESG Due Diligence & Recommendation System

ESG Due Diligence

Comprehensive 360-degree unified view to examine all ESG aspects of a business, customers, portfolio, transactions, investments and suppliers. Eliminates navigating fragmented systems.

ESG Risk Assessment

Traceable, transparent and configurable risk assessment combines blended expertise with data and AI technology to identify risks in customers, products, portfolio, and supplier choices.

Recommendation System

No-code AI infrastructure comprises hundreds of proprietary AI enabled deep learning models that provide stakeholders with automated decisioning recomendations without having to write a single line of code.

Automated Data Aggregation

Simplified and organised ESG data collection and aggregation with a plug-and-play data platform, data lake and data models. Eliminates manual data engineering processes to save cost and time.

Sustainability Monitoring

Automated real-time sustainability performance monitoring and risk identification. Real-time visibility and decisioning-assistance helps mitigate risks and make faster decisions.

Accelerated Process

ESG AI with accessible no-code AI technology to help banks and brands automate all aspects of their sustainability and augment their decision-making in a world of infinitely complex ESG data.

ESG risk assessment is complex, costly and unclear

Regulatory Complexity

Constantly evolving global regulations, frameworks & policies. Challenges to track real-time and comply

Data Confusion

Multiple data sources, information silos, fragmented systems and missing reliable alternative data

Manual Processes

Time consuming and cumbersome ESG data management and validation process

Stakeholder Decisioning

Lack of decision support insights and access to trusted up-to-date data sources

Compliance Risk

Limited access to real-time, traceable information for automated evaluation against risk indicators & policies

Resource Intensive

Businesses are spending vast amount of money and time on ESG data, analysts and analytics projects

Automate Sustainability Performance with ESG AI

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GreenFi uses explainable AI to ingest any type of siloed unstructured data including ESG reports, disclosures, carbon emissions, news & incidents, regulatory info, physical climate risk, biodiversity, geo spatial data, ESG policies, benchmarking reports and many more to generate insights and recommendations to help users make faster and informed ESG decisions. 

Our AI platform helps financial institutions and corporates in identifying and quantifying the risks and opportunities associated to sustainable investments, transition, insurance, and supply chain.


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ESG Due Diligence

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ESG Risk Assessment