The ability to prevent financial risk from sustainability indicators is directly linked to how effectively ESG data sourcing and decisions can be performed.

Cutting edge

Neural Networks Natural Language Processing Petabytes of ESG data


Multi-industry Global coverage Millions of autonomous decisions per day


Peer reviewed Cloud & on-premise ESG compliant AI models

Machine Learning

In complex, ever-changing environments, modelling human reasoning requires combining multiple machine learning techniques in one decision-making model. We allow you to build that model, manage its behaviour, immediately adapt it to changing requirements and be able to explain every decision it makes.

Complex models for human-level reasoning

We never rely on statistical data correlations alone. Instead, we build a model that focuses on the causes behind human reasoning, by bringing together supervised and unsupervised machine learning models (from deep learning to causal methods).

Model management

Manage your model with business and ESG subject expertise, not coding. Respond to macro changes immediately – back test, send for approval and implement- all without leaving our comprehensive and friendly user interface dashboard. Bring your time to ESG decisions down from weeks to days.

Continuous learning

Allow GreenFi to suggest how to improve your ESG decision-making model’s performance. It’s up to your subject matter experts to pick improvements they agree with, verify them and use them to enhance your decision model.

End to end model transparency

Manage the model and simulate its behaviour before rolling it out to production and monitor every ESG decision it makes, thanks to GreenFi’s ability to explain every decision in plain English.

Natural Language Processing

Our proprietary ESG AI Engine leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify which companies are involved in a given text and extracts ‘ESG relevant’ signals. We quantify ESG Information from unstructured data to deliver a third-party perspective on the company’s ESG performance


Access a diverse range of information with 100,000+ sources, including local, national, and international news.


We specialize in entity detection, industry specific signal identification, and sentiment scoring.


Generate over 300,000 signals monthly for event detection, assess materiality, and analyze stock price correlations.


26 Explainable ESG Metrics: Company scorecards, trends, portfolio monitoring, and investment opportunities

Data Platform

Leverage ESG data from different sources in multiple formats and languages to always make the right decisions.

Connecting data from different sources

You can locate valuable data for ESG decision-making in our platform and your systems, purchase it from multiple external vendors, or you might find it available on the internet. We allow you to seamlessly connect it into one transparent data model that your decision-making models can later leverage.

Structured and unstructured data

Human-level reasoning must leverage data in multiple formats: from structured fields, transactional data, watchlists, and geolocation data to news articles and other unstructured sources.

Linguistic capabilities

We leverage advanced linguistics rather than relying on traditional fuzzy matching algorithms. We have built strong linguistics capabilities working with language subject matter experts, partner institutions, and data scientists to aggregate ESG data from native sources.

Entity resolution

Our platform allows you to connect all the ESG data from multiple places in many different formats and languages and correctly recognize entities and relationships between them to power your decision-making models.

Enterprise Architecture

Our platform has been built and designed with scalability in mind, supporting both cloud (Kubernetes) and on-premise (i.e., Nomad Scheduler) deployments with Tier-1 firms and Governments.

Scalability and High-availability

GreenFi processes billions of ESG records and makes millions of autonomous decisions every day. It is designed with zero-downtime deployment and high-availability (blue-green deployment model).

ESG Transaction Screening Alert Decisioning

GreenFi is deployed globally for our customers, supporting various ESG transactions types, including GSSSB, Trade Financing, SLL, SCF, SLB. We are partnering with the leading global FIs to support them with ESG Financing.

Real-time processing

GreenFi can deal with millions of decisions daily coming in real-time in under 1-second latency.

Security & Monitoring

Our single-sign-on solution offers robust authentication support (SAML, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and Social Login), user Federation, LDAP/Active Directory synchronization, Two-factor Authentication, data security (encryption at rest and in transit), and seamless integration with AWS security monitoring tools (CloudTrail, Config, and CloudWatch) for comprehensive auditing and change management.