We are GreenFi, an ESG risk and due diligence software, enabling sustainable finance, supply chains and empowering your business decisions. Our ESG AI platform helps financial institutions and corporates in identifying and quantifying the risks and opportunities associated to sustainable investments, and supply chain.

Bad decisions are being made because of poor ESG due diligence and lack of access to good ESG data. We help you manage your ESG risk assessment and due diligence, based on your priorities, using global data and AI.

Financial Institutions

Customer-360 View

Gain holistic view of customers and assets insights with ESG data to: Mitigate risks, identify investment opportunities, and meet regulations.

Sustainability Linked Bonds (SLBs)

Assess pre issuance due diligence, risk assessments, track SPTs, monitor post issuance KPIs and make informed portfolio decisions.

Trade & Supply Chain Finance

Perform real-time ESG risk assessment of counterparties to make informed supply chain financing decisions.

Sustainability Linked Loans (SLLs), Green Financing

Enhance ESG risk assessment for quicker transaction decisions, enabling informed financing choices and ESG risk mitigation in your lending portfolio.

ERM for Insurance

Identify and evaluate ESG risks using standard or customized criteria to reduce risks in your insurance portfolio, make informed policy decisions, and comply with regulations.

Regulatory & Compliance Reviews

Use ESG screens in customer profiles for regulatory compliance, informed credit decisions, and risk mitigation in your lending portfolio.



Assess suppliers, mitigate ESG risks, and comply with regulations for informed sourcing decisions.

Value Chain

Address ESG risks throughout your value chain for risk mitigation, informed decisions, and compliance.

Regulatory & Compliance

Real-time ESG risk identification and mitigation for regulatory compliance, informed decision-making, and risk reduction.

Investor Relations

Use clear ESG data to engage investors, conveying performance, attracting ESG-conscious investors, and meeting regulations.

Corporate Finance

Unlock green deals, reduce asset risks, and attract ESG investors for better financing and risk mitigation.

Marketing & Communication

Show ESG commitment, communicate net-zero plans to attract/retain customers, boost brand reputation, and meet regulations.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol
US Securities And Exchange Commission
World Green Building Council