Powerful platform

Our platform provides a comprehensive set of metrics and insights that cover all aspects of ESG risk management.

Comprehensive metrics

Our metrics are based on the latest ESG standards and regulations, ensuring that our customers have the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

Easy-to-use tools

Our software is designed to be easy to use, even for non-technical users.

GreenFI platform: AI enabled blended ESG intelligence

GreenFi ESG AI is a SaaS-based climate and ESG risk software that aggregates sustainability data from disclosures, sectoral ESG data platforms, public data, and combines it with audit and AI-powered predictive recommendations for ESG-compliant business decisions.

GreenFi offers a user-friendly, plug-and-play solution that seamlessly integrates with existing systems. It provides ESG transparency, risk assessment, and recommendations, utilizing an open architecture to gather and organize data from multiple sources. GreenFi’s analytics and AI capabilities deliver valuable insights through its ESG map and vast data, making it a versatile choice for sustainable finance.

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How GreenFi works

  • Connects to native and external ESG data sources
  • Receives potential ESG risks from our screening/detection engine
  • Analyses
  • Refers to approved learnings / KPI standards
  • Decides based on AI models
  • Explains
  • Routes

Explainable AI

Transparency and Traceability

Every decision is transparent and can be traced back to the exact version of the model that produced it with explainability.

Policy Alignment

Set up, configure, simulate, and manage the AI models in line with your approved ESG policies and risk appetite using ours out of the box simulation capabilities.

Controlled Learning

The solution provides complete control over the change management process, with clear auditability across the model setup, approvals, and version management. You are in full control of how and if new learnings are implemented.

Independent investigations

ESG Decisions are explained with exact reference to each data element used in the analysis.

Quality Assurance

Use existing QA processes to ensure ESG compliance with existing standards.


Seamless integration with ESG data providers and ESG screening/detection engines.


Good or Bad, Yes or No - not a probability, rating or a score.


Track decisions to ESG policies/standards/regulations.


Every decision is explained to at least human quality.