Use Cases

ESG Insights Through AI

World’s largest financial services companies, asset managers, asset owners, wealth managers, corporates and consultants rely on Greenfi’s ESG data and analytics platform to analyse risks and identify opportunities and make informed decisions.

Asset Managers & Asset Owners

Idea Generation and Portfolio Creation, Composite Scoring, Portfolio Analysis, ESG Alerts, and Reporting, Company and Industry Research, Manager Selection and Monitoring, Investor Inquiry Management, Portfolio Analysis, Alerts, and Reporting, ESG Due Diligence & Monitoring

Quantitative Managers

ESG Risk Premia Incorporation, Proprietary ESG Score Creation, Risk Management, Risk and Compliance, Due Diligence, Research and Monitoring, Portfolio Risk Management

Sell Side

Due Diligence, Research Creation, Portfolio Analysis, Alerts and Monitoring, Reporting

Supply Chain

Supplier Qualification, ESG Due Diligence & Risk Assessment, Supplier Monitoring, Value Chain Performance, Net Zero Transition, Supply Chain Financing

Benefits for Banks & Brands

If something changes at an ESG graph of a customer, Banks can immediately understand the potential impact and make alternative decisions based on recommendations. The use of Greenfi analytics on real-time ESG analytics data feeds allows those managing the ESG Financing to make informed decisions on sustainable financing.

A strategy team may analyze ESG insights on supplier alternatives, competitive suppliers and comparisons across a wide range of ESG matrix to make strategic decisions.

A sustainability team may review comprehensive recommendation on sustainable suppliers, assess sustainability measures, ESG data and ESG graph.

A compliance team may review sustainability scoops on ESG regulatory matrix performance.

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Brands can quickly model and assess the impacts of potential climate disruptions and access contingency recommendations.

A finance department may look at the ESG recommendations and identify ways to streamline costs and cut back on spending.

A logistics team may get insights to discover ESG bottlenecks and increase efficiencies within their warehouse or distribution center.

A risk team may spot predictive alerts and red flags on various ESG risk factors across compliance, sustainability, ethical labour, natural disasters, disruptions etc.

A product quality team may have access to the factory “as-produced” configuration and metrics, product development data & component / material supplier data, which can be combined with customer feedback data and point-of-sale figures to create a multidimensional picture on ESG quality.

ESG Decisioning Insights Through AI

Our proprietary ESG AI Engine leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify which companies are involved in a given text and extracts ‘ESG relevant’ signals. We quantify ESG Information from unstructured data to deliver a third-party perspective on the company’s ESG performance

ESG Client Readiness Screening & Alert Decisioning

Client Readiness from Greenfi enables financial institutions to understand ESG investment possibilities and validate ESG readiness to engage and trade. It quickly provides reassurance and evidence that transaction-specific ESG compliance and regulatory criteria has been properly applied across counter parties and services.Greenfi eliminates over 80% of false positives, across customers and transaction screening, without need of human intervention – but with 100% accuracy. It prioritizes escalation of high ESG risk alerts for enhanced risk management, and maintains full explainability. That’s millions in cost savings, annually.

ESG Regulations Screening & Alert Decisioning

Greenfi provides a robust solution to make transparent real-time decisions based on comprehensive knowledge of ESG rules for permissible trading, easily integrated into trading infrastructure via API. Greenfi provides instant access to the most up-to-date and single source of cross border ESG regulations and automates the decision-making process. The system provides full transparency and traceability through each logic step to the regulatory source text to deliver a correct decision of whether to trade or not trade applicable to all asset classes, financial transactions, and global regulatory jurisdictions.

ESG Transaction Screening & Alert Decisioning

Greenfi is deployed globally for our customers, supporting various ESG transactions types, including GSSSB, Trade Financing, SLL, SCF, SLB. We are partnering with the leading global FIs to support them with ESG Financing.

Adverse Media ESG Investigations & Decisioning

Greenfi investigates, tags and supports decisions up to 90% of potential ESG related adverse media alerts. We asses dozens of facts with each story including age, materiality, source quality etc.

ESG Transaction Monitoring & Decisioning

Greenfi automates the ESG traceability process for entire transaction monitoring of KPI’s and milestones during the lending period, thus reducing manual operational efforts by over 75%, whilst increasing your ESG risk management capabilities significantly.

ESG Investments Decisioning

The platform provides ESG investment insights on all asset classes and financial transactions for investment managers to make right investment decisions. Greenfi AI-based platform significantly enhances the speed and accuracy of your ability to spot climate risk across the transactions you undertake.