ESG Policy Researcher

Job Details:

  • Full-time

Your main role is to track effective ESG policy and regulatory content materials that are published through various channels.

  • Research on global ESG regulations and policies
  • Track global perspectives on emerging regulatory policy environments in ESG
  • Consistently document and update information on ESG regulatory and public policies
  • Global mapping of ESG and climate regulations by country and industry
  • Deep dive into Sustainable financing regulations
  • Working with global ESG ecosystem to analyze how regulation is shaping up
  • Shape ESG product vision in collaborating with product team
  • Develop product content modules for sustainability themes
  • Publish advisory and learning content for sustainability themes

Job Requirements:

● Excellent skills in research, writing and communications
● Time management and organizational skills
● Vision for corporate design addressing business segments
● Passionate about learning and identifying ESG materials
● Proactively suggest new inputs and ideas in digital assets for sustainability themes
● Detail-oriented, dependable, and organized