Product Designer

Job Details:

  • Full-time

Product Designers are the voice of the user throughout the zero-to-one venture building process. As an end-to-end designer, you will drive the design thinking practices and user research of a multidisciplinary team from an opportunity area to an investable start-up concept. You will be responsible for generating design artifacts (journey maps, personas, storyboards, prototypes, interview guides, divergent & convergent workshops) and deepening the team’s understanding of users in an ecosystem. You will wear the “desirability lens” to ensure we are delivering a compelling concept for target customers to address frictions and unmet needs.
This role is:

  • 50% Human-centered Design / User Research (interviews, journey maps, personas, etc.)
  • 30% Design Thinking (workshops, exercises, decision-making, etc.)
  • 20% UX/UI Design (storyboards, landing pages, prototypes, etc.)
  • 100% moving the needle!

Note: Product Designers who are great at every aspect of the role are true unicorns so don’t worry if you don’t check all the boxes

In This Role You Will

  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative user research
    • Curate and choose the right research tools for teams to learn about the problem space, the related ecosystem and key players to build conviction, keeping in mind the stage of venture building (problem/idea/concept/product definition)
    • Apply qualitative (surveys) and qualitative (ethnography, interviews, concept testing) research methods to build a deep understanding of user needs, user intent, idea potential and product direction.
    • Conduct user research including ethnographic interviews, contextual enquiry, fly on the wall research, etc. to unearth user behaviors, paint points, desires, aspirations and expectations
    • Design experiments to proxy intent of user, distill implication of results and leverage results to optimizes or provide direction on feature and product development
    • Conduct market research to map out the landscape, identify the whitespaces, investment and development trends
  • Create a diverse array of design artifacts
    • Assemble journey maps, personas, localization priorities/sensitivities, etc. to communicate an understanding of users and their frictions/needs
    • Create storyboards, hero screens/paths, prototypes, landing pages, etc. to convey a solution to target customers for feedback
    • Build mid-fidelity UX/UI towards the early stages of an MVP product build
  • Design and facilitate design thinking exercises and workshops
    • Lead convergent and divergent workshops on problem areas/statements, HMWs, concept ideation, etc.
    • Use your craft to assist in team member alignment and stakeholder buy-in
    • Operate a methodology that you continue to improve
  • Enable strategic decision-making
    • Synthesis signals, trends, and insights across all conducted research to inform product direction and business strategy
    • Informing the problem definition, viable target segments and concept development with the user and market research to frame the context and validate/invalidate hypotheses
    •  Enable teams to make data-informed decisions confidently, identifying blockers and through curated activities and strategic discourse

You Should Apply If You:

  • Possess deep knowledge and experience researching users, markets and products in support of developing products or features and testing for product-market fit and customer experience.
  • Have experience with research and experimentation in support of product prototyping and testing, future visioning and strategy development
  • Have applied principles of HCI, cognitive biases, product localization and behavioral psychology to shape feature design and decisions as well as evaluate product desirability and viability
  • Are comfortable developing mid-fidelity UX/UI design prototypes with a style guide and component library
  • Own and execute research and design projects while having a strategic view of process improvements
  • Excel in leading cross-functional teams, including senior leaders, through design thinking exercises and workshops and have influenced decisions in Product, Engineering, Business Strategy, Marketing, Sales
  • Have significant track record shaping real-to-world user experiences and delivering tangible products and services to market, with at least 2 years leading creative projects to successful completion
  • Are detail-oriented with a diverse portfolio of work demonstrating intentional end-to-end design capabilities

Bonus points if you already know / are keen to learn:

  • Figma, Adobe XD
  • Graphic design & editing in Canva
  • Other tools in product designing & documentations