GreenFi for Real Estate Sector

A total of 865 listed REITs with a combined equity market capitalization of approximately $2.5 trillion are in operation around the world. There are approximately 535,000 REIT-owned properties, which include data centers, hospitals, hotels, housing, industrial facilities, offices, shopping centers, malls, free-standing retail, storage centers, telecommunications infrastructure and timberlands.

As the regulatory and capital environment favours ESG, investment in green buildings proves valuable for landlords. Landlords who prioritize ESG at their properties can expect higher rent, tax credits and incentives, and overall higher market value of their real estate investments.

Greenfi tracks ESG risk performance of property portfolio and provide investment recommendations for global real estate asset class.

ESG Analytics Case Study – Asset Management Use Case


One of Asia’s leading real estate investment trusts (REITs) listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange with a portfolio of prime commercial assets in Asia Pacific.

Business Need

  1. ESG performance tracking and monitoring of property portfolio value of $9.2 billion, comprising properties in Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo, Japan.
  2. Automated tool with role based access on various user journey & decision support KPI recommendations.

Business Problems

Disparate ESG data sources & Point solutions, Manual and Slow ESG data analysis process, Lack of alternate data

GreenFi Solution:

  • A low cost proprietary ESG data platform that covers global real estate asset class including REIT’s, Property portfolio and listings of global assets.
  • A SaaS subscription based, plug-n-play, no code platform with prebuilt AI models for automated ESG analytics
  • A 360-degree dashboard of real estate assets mapped with parent-child entity relations, geo locations, ESG credentials, physical climate risk data, ESG regulatory data, ESG incidental alerts, ESG reporting frameworks and many more.
  • Explainable AI based analytics providing ESG risk factors at asset level and recommendations on investible assets.

Business Benefits

  • Faster investment decisions
  • Realtime visibility & traceability of ESG risks
  • Reduced ESG risks
  • Trusted ESG data
  • Predictive recommendations on investible assets and risk mitigating counter measures
  • Time saving and budget savings from internal data engineering project efforts

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