Aggregating and validating ESG risk analysis to improve credit risk for FI’s is becoming a global regulation and increasingly becoming a need for FI’s. Greenfi helps to track ESG risk performance of bank’s customers and customer assets.


A multinational banking corporation headquartered in Singapore, with branches mostly in Southeast Asian countries

Business Needs

  1. Identify assets of 50,000+ banks customers, entity matching and hierarchy mapping
  2. Digitise environmental risk questionnaire and disclosures for bank’s customers
  3. Automate ESG data aggregation of 800+ banks own assets and branches

GreenFi Solution

  1. An interactive-map to locate customer assets integrated with customer master data
  2. Asset emissions reporting module
  3. Automated disclosure module for questionnaires
  4. Analytics and Reporting

Business Benefits

  1. Automated data aggregation by eliminating manual processes and excel sheets
  2. Increased visibility and traceability of customer assets
  3. Automated customer disclosure questionnaires
  4. Trusted ESG data

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