Introducing ESG AI – Events Automation

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GreenFi is An AI-first ESG platform, grounded in ESG data, is designed to help you gain sustainability performance insights and make decisions faster.

This year we introduced a number of AI-first experiments in development, including ESG AI — a new kind of ESG risk & analytics platform designed to help make decisions faster. We’re beginning to roll out ESG AI , an experimental offering from GreenFi. It’s our endeavour to reimagine what ESG software might look like if you designed it from scratch knowing that you would have a powerful ESG risk & recommendations model at its core: hence the ESG AI. It will be immediately available to a small group of users as we continue to refine the product and make it more helpful.

It’s hard to go from information to insights to decisions

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We know people are struggling with the rapid growth of ESG information — it’s everywhere, dynamic and it’s overwhelming. As we’ve been talking with sustainability experts, financial institutions, research students, professors and ESG knowledge workers, one of the biggest challenges is synthesizing facts from multiple data sources. You often have the sources you want, but it’s time consuming to interpret it, make the connections and find actionable insights.

We started to explore what we could build that would help stakeholders make decisions faster in the midst of all this ESG data, especially using sources they care most about.

ESG AI: trustable & traceable

ESG AI is an experimental product designed to use the power and promise of AI models paired with alternate data and your existing data to gain critical insights, faster. Think of it as an automated tool that can aggregate data, summarize facts, make connections, explain complex scenarios, and brainstorm decisions — all based on the sources you select.

A key difference between ESG AI and traditional ESG ratings, AI chatbots is that GreenFi lets you “ground” the models in your sources. Source-grounding effectively creates a trustable AI that’s versed in the information relevant to you, visible and traceable to you.

While GreenFi’s source-grounding does seem to reduce the risk of model “hallucinations,” it’s always important to fact-check the AI’s recommendations against your original source material. When you’re drawing on multiple sources, we make that fact-checking easy by accompanying each indicators with citations, showing you the most relevant original data from your sources. We’ve built ESG AI, such that the models only has access to the source data that you’ve chosen to ingest, and your files and logics with the AI are not visible to other users.

Learning and building, together

ESG AI is an experimental product, built by a small team in GreenFi.
Our team has three goals in mind:

  • Build a product with our users: We ‘have been talking to stakeholders and communities often to learn about what’s working well and where the gaps are, with the intent of making ESG AI a truly useful product.
  • Roll out this technology responsibly: Getting feedback directly from you is a critical part of developing AI responsibly. We will also use a strict set of safety criteria in alignment with our AI Principles and implement appropriate safeguards before expanding to more users and launching new functionality.
  • Help with reductions: From a sustainability perspective, identifying and tracking material issues is ground zero. We are minimising the energy and time used, and look at an overall carbon reduction for this tool versus 1000s of hours of manual efforts.

We hope that in these early days you give GreenFi a shot. Contact us to try it out!

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Define ESG scenarios in an intuitive authoring canvas to act in real-time and automate decisions

Build a self-service ESG workflow library and catalogue of event sources for users to securely discover, browse, and govern

Collect raw streams of real-time business sustainability events with enterprise-grade Apache Kafka

ESG Event Automation

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Unlock ESG events to activate automation

There are hundreds of ESG business events constantly occurring across every part of the organizations. These events represent a wealth of sustainability information about what’s happening across businesses at any moment in time.

By putting these events to work, you can spot opportunities and address risks as soon as they occur, and act before it’s too late. But putting events to work is challenging.

First, ESG events are siloed and locked away across different ESG data sources. Businesses need a way to quickly access and unlock ESG events while they are still actionable.

Second, huge volumes of new ESG events are constantly occurring. Businesses need a way to sort, filter, and identify the key events that matter most while new ones continue to pour in.

Finally, raw events need to be processed and combined to define the business situations that matter. Businesses need a way to accelerate this work without being limited by a need for deep technical skill sets.

Solution description

ESG Event Automation puts sustainability events to work for the whole organization by enabling business users to easily detect situations, act in real time and automate decisions to impact revenue.

With it, you can achieve a constant state of ESG awareness of your business, allowing you to become more responsive to compliance needs on your material issues and resilient to shifting market dynamics.

Increase responsiveness

Event driven businesses can react less and respond more proactively. Define key opportunities, issues or potential ESG risks within your business, customers, portfolio, suppliers and spot whenever they arise. Enable more intelligent actions and trigger automations when it matters most.

Improve resiliency

With access to real-time intelligence, you can adjust quickly to shifting market dynamics and external ESG factors affecting your business. Spot changes in levels of ESG risk incidents or disruptions and enable your business to decide, recover and optimize in real-time.

Boost flexibility

Meet your business’s unique needs with a hybrid Kafka deployment. Use ESG Event Automation’s event streams capability, or augment your existing investments with enhanced discoverability, event processing and decisioning capabilities.

Accelerate growth

Quickly define, stimulate sustainability scenarios to detect and see results in real-time. Iterate and adjust as needed with ESG Event Automation’s intuitive user experience.

With ESG Event Automation, you can easily start putting sustainability events to work for the whole organization. Define critical ESG situations, detect when they arise, and take action right away–in the moments that matter most. Both business and IT teams can work with events without writing code to uncover new trends, make smarter decisions, and trigger automations that directly impact outcomes. ESG Event Automation helps you scale fast by providing a consistent approach for working with sustainability events for users from any part of your business.


ESG Event processing

Define ESG scenarios in an intuitive, easy-to-use authoring canvas. Detect whenever they arise and start acting in real-time when it matters the most.

ESG Event endpoint management

Build a self-service catalogue of ESG event sources for users to securely browse and utilize. Promote the sharing and reuse of event sources while maintaining control and governance.

ESG Event Streams

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Collect raw streams of real-time sustainability events with enterprise-grade Apache Kafka. Manage Kafka deployments, balance workloads, browse messages, and monitor key metrics in a simple user experience.

Use cases

Transaction data analysis

Gain a real-time view of sustainability performance of transactional data flowing across your business. Combine historical analyses with live patterns to develop more detailed ESG profiles and quickly spot potential risks and new sustainable customer opportunities.

Portfolio optimization

Monitor changes in sustainability performance across business, suppliers, customers and portfolio in real-time to automatically trigger decision insights.

Detect risk

Evaluate real-time events and activity patterns within context of historic trends to quickly detect new anomalies and issue alerts of risk trends as soon as they arise.

Customer 360

Deepen understanding of your customers’ ESG profile to generate informed, real-time decisions.

Predictive analytics

Draw insights from real-time ESG data to detect risk factors and issues in real time, enabling you to anticipate and address potential risks.

Why GreenFi?

GreenFi Event Automation puts ESG events to work for the whole organization by enabling business and users to easily detect ESG situations, act in real time, automate decisions, and maximize their revenue potential.

With it, you can achieve a constant state of sustainability performance awareness of your business, allowing you to become more responsive to compliance needs and resilient to shifting market dynamics.

GreenFi Event Automation is a composable solution, designed to meet and accelerate businesses’ event driven efforts, wherever they are on their journey:

Business users can work with real-time ESG events to define critical business situations, detect when they arise, and respond intelligently without the need to write code

IT can provide self-service access to events to facilitate sharing and reuse while retaining proper controls and good governance

Enterprise architects can build out a complete and composable enterprise-wide architecture, extending existing infrastructure so they don’t need to start over

To learn more about ESG Event Automation, please contact GreenFi representative or Business Partner at, or visit

Event Driven Architecture

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ESG Event Automation provides an API manager, ESG developer catalogue, and event gateway to make the discovery and management of sustainability events just as easy as APIs. IT can provide self-service access to ESG event sources for any user in the organization while retaining proper controls and good governance. This is essential for facilitating effective sharing, use, and reuse of sustainability events. Use the API Manager to describe and document event endpoints according to the AsyncAPI specification for both internal and external use. With ESG Event Automation’s self-service catalogue, easily share, discover, and subscribe to synchronous and asynchronous APIs through a single interface. Easily enforce runtime policies to secure and control access to Kafka topics hosted on backend Kafka clusters with the event gateway.

Get events from their source to wherever they’re needed. Built on open technologies, ESG Event Automation provides open-source Apache Kafka to distribute events across the enterprise. Take advantage of a simple and powerful UI, offering a message browser, key metrics dashboard, and powerful utilities to help manage your Kafka deployments. ESG Event Automation also provides Kafka Connect source-and-sink connectors to common enterprise middleware systems. Connectors created by the Apache community are tested, verified, and listed within the ESG events catalogue. And with an enterprise-grade REST API, easily connect to appliances and critical systems that do not support a Kafka-native client.